Black Friday in SL!

So, why have a Black Friday the same weekend as many U.S. residents will actually be AWAY from their computers snagging first life deals?

Exactly… it doesn’t make sense. 🙂

The Merchant Guild offers its Black Friday beginning on Cyber Monday, November 30 (Dec 1 for mass distribution) and extending for one week or longer. How do you participate? Guild members and invitees can get a one-page FREE ad. Other merchants L$100 for a single page ad (no larger than 512×512) and L$300 for a double page spread we prepare from a single image, or L$175 if you prepare 2 images for the double page spread.

Please contact S0phie Sautereau for details.

B2B Products

While these are not Guild specific, I did want to share a few products I’ve picked up for my own business in the last few weeks that I know a few of you could really benefit from. Each is linked to either a store TP or (which you should use faithfully instead of) Xstreet listing.


I simply refuse to produce mod items because I work very hard on my designs; I don’t want them modded beyond recognition with my name on them trailing in the scraps of whatever might be left over. That has the potential to make literally hundreds of very bad impressions of what others will assume is my work, when it just isn’t. Now, while I usually refuse to go toe-to-toe with others on the disadvantages of no-mod–because assuredly, they exist–I will defend the absolute fact forever that making your items n0-mod increases the difficulty even only slightly that your work can be reproduced by someone else. That’s a fact. I know that before I started designing, when I had a mod item on, I could completely screw up that item! Not only could I ruin it, but I could really dig deep into its creation to see exactly every setting used to make it. Now, I know I have bleeded, sweated, and cried over some of the pieces I’ve worked to shelf, so I have a major problem with just dropping this kind of info into someone else’s lap. I think it’s unwise for any creator, but this article is about recommendations, not a debate of mod vs. no-mod, so…

KinEx Resizer Suite



In an effort to upgrade my products with better scripts and fewer of them, I’ve done several weeks of research on this because I produce both shoes and clothing. After doing some comparison shopping including those obvious products from our own Guild members, I decided on this one because it meets the needs most often expressed by those customers who want “mod” items. This script set allows not only resizing and a delete option on the wearable copy, but you can select one or all prim, you can rotate and reposition the whole mess or singular prims as well. Unbelievable! And it is the easiest installation. Just drop the single script in the root, and you are done. Srsly.



This script set allows you to remove contents of prim in a full linkset, so if you have old scripts in a linkset like a high-prim shoe with a lot of child/slave scripts, it will totally remove them! The nice thing is that while you are removing all old scripts, you can also update and put in things as well. The only drawback (likely an SL limitation) with this system is that you must take the re-scripted object into inventory, re-rez, reset scripts, then you can activate the deletion/update. All in all, a very small annoyance compared to the power of what this script set does! It works on anything that gets a regular label in your inventory:  notecards, animations, scripts, objects, LMs, etc. You can even clean the prim completely with an “All” choice. Extremely handy!



There are 2 prices for this item because it comes in a smaller package of 10 no-copy scripts in case you don’t need unlimited ability to make demos. This script set allows you to turn your PRIMS into demos with unlimited capability for time. The demos simply vanish, and the scripts cannot be pulled out of the items as long as they are set to no mod. This script works identically on both rezzed and attached prim! So, you can place this script in a skirt, set it for say, 4 hours so bloggers can do a decent photo shoot of your item, then the PRIMS poof after that set time. Taking the item back into inventory does NOT reset the timer, however the time does not continue to run in inventory, either. So, I sent out demo copies of clothes with demo scripts in them set for 4 hours. If bloggers rez for 5 mins, then take into inventory again, they have 3:55 left, and the script will tell them that on re-rez or re-wear. Cool, eh? Too bad this can’t work on clothing 😉  If you are unsure whether or not you actually need this, try the Demo-maker demo, lol.

I hope these reviews help out some of you.

If you find better products, please make sure to leave a comment!


Our FIRST general meeting of the entire membership is scheduled for 10 am Saturday June 19 in Sautereau Sky Pub.

The agenda will be published in the SL Merchant Guild group no later than Friday 4 pm SLT.  One of the major items is a restructuring of membership, and your attendance WILL affect that!

Attendance is not required but strongly recommended–you are needed!

Dads & Grads @ ARGENTEUIL

June Market Day is around the corner! We’re making the scheduling adjustment to accomodate real-world pay periods, hopefully allowing a great buying opportunity when people are most able to shop!

Market Day has a “Dads & Grads” theme since well, it IS June! At least in the U.S. June is not only the month for brides, it’s also when Fathers Day and typical high school graduations and respective parties occur.

Keeping with this theme, two Headline Music Events will be featured:  Martini in the Morning’s “Two-Martini Lunch” with Brad Chambers at noon on June 17, and “Metallica” tribute show by Explosive Concerts on June 20 at 4 pm. All times SLT.

Argenteuil is a ballroom sim celebrating its grand opening during this Market Day!  Make sure to come out and support your fellow vendors!

Market May Day–Victorian Seaside

We’re just ONE week away from Market Day at the Victorian Seaside! We have a schedule full of performers for the near full week, and the build is ready for merchants to come choose stalls.  We’ve listened to your feedback and have incorporated your suggestions into this Market Day!

More information always in Notices. Don’t turn them off!

May News (lots!)

I have yet to learn this site’s features, so please bear with me!  The post here will be fully updated by 7 am SLT in case you’re on now and you don’t see information!  May News includes MARKET DAY info, as well as GUILD info, two separate features this blog will serve. Mostly MARKET DAY info will be that which we provide visitors, regular residents visiting us to shop or be entertained. GUILD info is specifically directed toward the merchants themselves. Easy stuff first:


We have scouted and contracted with owners of a Victorian seaside themed estate sim (EXPOsed was on mainland Zindra) which is actually still under construction. It’s a gorgeous quaint build they have started, and of course, the team is on task even during our “vacation week!”  Mark your calendars for May 25-27 for this upcoming Market Day!


Regarding our next Market Day, it’s time to get working on that contest! Same type of contest offered this time as last, with an Xstreet campaign which clearly states “Market Day” in the object line with some sort of sale designed to bring inworld traffic from a purchase made on Xstreet. We need the traffic!

Please don’t return the KIOSKS! I believe most of you want to stay in the Guild, and frankly, our best chance of helping each other is cross-networking. This is a REQUIREMENT of guild participation in Market Day!

CHANGES in GUILD STRUCTURE are on the way, and that’s still in planning. We are always looking for people willing to volunteer time, talent, and creativity on the Planning Committee. Ideally, that’s a six-seat slate!  New in the structure, I’m on the lookout for trustees. These are people who are completely trustworthy to protect the charter, the overall growth goals of the Guild itself. They are completely team players, lacking agenda or bias contrary to Guild principles. Trustees will oversee the approval of new merchants invited to this group, approve sims for Market Day, and on the rare occasion there is some problem, they will work to resolve that as well. There are 3 of these positions. If and when the Guild is in a position to purchase land, these will become the group co-owners. The next change in structure will be something like a “full member” and “probationary member.”  Despite sponsorship, we can expect that others will enter the Guild in order to copy its “grand plans,” lol. All we offer really is a comfortable place of interaction and a willingness to work for each other. Attitude is key. We can all improve skills, but it’s very hard to change what’s in the heart. Trustees will vote on elevating each member from one status to the next, and it will affect your abilities slightly.



For those of you who expressed the desire to get guidance and/or feedback regarding sales during any Market Day, please IM S0phie directly. The feedback forms are all anonymous unless you put your name on them! If you’re preparing for the next Market Day, there will be some tips provided here in this blog in addition to working with you directly. We can do sign-ups within the blog, but if you choose to keep your request private, that’s fine, too!

SL Merchant Guild Blog

Watch this space for both news about the Guild and Market Day!

MERCHANT–There is a category just for merchant members of the Guild. While this section is not exclusive to members, the information provided here generally will only be needed by them. However a blog page will be provided that will link every Guild member’s site/blog addresses.   Changes are coming to the Guild itself as we grow and expand, hopefully in all with the vision of making Market Day a successful regular event on the grid. Keep the feedback coming; it’s helpful! Remember that Market Day survey link can be found in Notices under feedback.

MARKET DAY–Though this has been the primary driving project, it isn’t the only thing the Guild will offer to merchants. This may remain the singular largest event-based project we undertake, however, so a special category has been assigned for it as well as a page on its own for current and/or upcoming Market Day info.